De Sang is a new experience that has its origins in a story that may sound familiar, but we are going to tell it to you in a completely different way.

A presentation that renames the appetizer time, offering a wide range of possibilities and combinations only limited by your imagination.

This fable of the senses begins with a selection of delicious mushrooms, macerated in a spirituous solution and flavoured with patience and care.

An unexpected turn which reformulates a traditional recipe, transforming something that was already good, in magical. The combination of Mediterranean aromatic herbs and a maceration of 30 to 45 days results in an unexpected taste, aroma and texture.

It is a 100% natural, gluten free and handmade productto eat cold and in company.

SINCE 1933


It all started in 1933 in the market of Calaf. With a simple cart ride loaded with lots of hope and mushrooms that Dolors had collected in the woods around the family’s farm.

They were hard times in the countryside, relentless seasons and a war about to break out. The art of preserving food became more than a necessity.

But it was also a time when joy was shared around the table. Delicious moments to escape reality and feel loved.


De Sang is the heritage of a woman of strong spirit and sweet character who transmitted to her people humility as a virtue and love for nature.

Today, almost a century later, Dolors’ grandson, Josep, reinvents the preserved mushrooms with which he grew up. What used to be subsistence food, now it is an amazing experience.